Who are we

Bruce Poling, (founder of PBG and chief puck picker-upper)

My history in Australian Ice Hockey dates back to 1986 when I stopped in Adelaide during a travel holiday.  This “temporary” stop turned into a permanent one as I played for the local Blackhawks club and successive SA Goodall cup teams (proudly ... 4 championships in total) from 1986 – 1995.  During my years playing and coaching here in Australia, my love for this country, the people in it and Australian Ice Hockey in general grew each year. My fondest memories are of the hockey trips, tournaments and teams from years past. Growing up in Canada and playing hockey at high levels taught me the skills I needed, Ice Hockey in Australia taught me to love the game and have fun with it.  Learning to have fun is the most valuable lesson of all.

So I am like you.  A hockey player, a friend, a coach,  a student of the game, a son, a dad, a husband .. A member of an exclusive club.  The Goalie club.

PBG 2013


Point Blank Goalie was formed in 2011 to service the needs of goalies exclusively. We understand the frustrations of

a) Being a parent and seeing your son or daughter playing goal and not getting the coaching attention they deserve

b) Generally trying to find goalie gear here in Australia, and

c)  Just having a group to talk to and exchange ideas about how to play the position other than You Tube!

We get it .. We get you.  My passion is to encourage goalies to strive to be the best they can be and to always accept that they have something new to learn.