Used Gear

Finally, there is now a way to buy sell swap or trade your old sports gear!

Kids grow like weeds and also go through sports gear quickly.  If your kids are playing multiple different sports, new gear can cost a fortune. You might have gear yourself you want to get rid of .. or are looking for.

We can recycle or give your credit for your old gear and set you up with new or better fitting used gear.  This is not limited to goalies or ice hockey.  ANY sporting gear you have .. We would be happy to help you out.  Most people have used gear lying around they do nothing with. Let see if we can get you some cash for it, or if you are feeling generous, a donation would be great ! (Profits from donated gear go directly towards paying for cost to run the goalie school. ie ice time etc)



How does it work?

For items you wish to Donate :

  1. Contact us and we will set-up a time to inspect your items.
  2. If you are sending your items to us, we need good pictures and descriptions of the goods.

For items you would like us to sell :

  1. Contact us and we will set up a time to inspect the items
  2. If you are sending in the items we will need good pictures and descriptions of the good
  3. if items need cleaning we will change a cleaning fee weather items have sold or not
  4. We will need to agree on a RETAIL price that will be realistic and allow the item to sell quickly.  This will be based on what price other items like it have sold for, not necessarily what you “want to get” for it.  
  5. We calculate our commission on the price the item sells for.
  6. If we receive an offer for your item(s) we will contact you quickly so you have an opportunity to respond, but in general we prefer to not negotiate the advertised price.
  7. We will take items in for a 3 month minimum contract. 

    Swap/Trade Items:

    1. After we inspect the goods we will agree on a “wholesale" value of the goods and offer you that value on the new or used items you are wanting.
    2. You are not obligated in any way to accept this offer.

    General rules we follow

    • We will not trade any used masks or head protection
    • No rotten or moldy gear
    • We reserve the right  to not offer any deals on gear we suspect is stolen property
    • If we have proof of stolen gear we will report to authorities
    • We do not take responsibility for the performance of the used gear but do take every reasonable effort to ensure we are taking in only good quality gear and also provide you with a fair and accurate description of the items